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The ability to identify the human proteome at the level of single individual can significantly influence our comprehension of Life and our ability to prevent treat most of the existing pathologies. Conventional approaches for characterizing proteins can hardly be applied to single persons, thus hindering the development of personalized approaches.

To solve this problem, ProID will develop the next-generation platforms for sequencing amino-acids along protein chains. The ProID idea relies on nanopore technologies and ultrafast Raman spectroscopy. We will exploit cutting-edge machine learning algorithms and quantum computations to reach extremely high sensitivity up to single molecule level.

Protein IDentification

Work Packages


Innovative plasmonic nanopores providing single amino-acid optical excitation and sensitivity


Re-engineered Optical Elements


SPAD array designed for Raman detection


Machine Learning, reconstruction of Raman spectra from few photons, amino-acid discrimination


Multiphysics quantum and classical computations of pore/protein/light interactions (optical, mechanical, thermal)